The senior league is for boys ages 13-14 years old. Players will be evaluated and then drafted onto a team with a jhoops coach.

"​I just wanted to thank you 
for such a great party! Honestly, 
very well organized, fun and creative! 
Most importantly, the boys had 
the best time And so did the adults."​​​

The basketball 101 program is for kids ages 8-9 years old that are looking to learn the basic fundamentals such as passing, dribbling and shooting, in a fun and exciting environment.

The camps are for kids ages 6-16 years old. Campers will receive basketball training as well as having a fun camp experience. Activities include: BBQ's, swimming, arts & crafts, obstacle course challenges, etc...

JHOOPS began in 2008.
We offer fun and exciting
programs for kids ages  5 - 16.
We want our youth to be good
players and teammates!​​


JHOOPS basketball programs focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. 

Our mission is to use the game of basketball as a means of inspiring today’s youth to maintain an active lifestyle.


The Jr. NBA is an entry-level basketball program for children ages 5-7 years old that is designed to enhance the experience for their age group.

"They take good care of kids 
with their passion. They teach kids 
how to play basketball and the importance of team sports.

I strongly recommend Jhoops!"

"Our 11-year-old son enjoyed 
Jhoops Basketball very much. 
The camp was very organized and 
the staffs and coaches are 
friendly & professional."

The girls club ​is for girls ages 9-14 years old and provides a fun team oriented environment for participants to learn the game of basketball.

The junior league is for boys ages 10-12 years old. Players will be evaluated and then drafted onto a team with a jhoops coach.